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CR – ECCD Programme


Visits were made to FISD programme locations in the Moneragala and Hambantota districts to monitor the progress of the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) home based education programme. This album contains photographs of the Play House project in the villages of Mahagodayaya and Gonadeniya and the Baby Room project at Yudaganawa.


CR – Leadership Training School Programme, Gathiriyagama


A leadership training camp was held at a school in Gathririyagama in the Anuradhapura district on the 1st of October 2013 marking International Children’s Day. About 150 students of Grade 7 (approximately 12 years of age) participated in the programme which was organized by the Samurdhi Office of Ipologama, Anuradhapura. Members of the FISD team conducted various outdoor activities aimed at developing leadership skills and participation as a team.

Monaragala FISD-CSO Youth Committee training workshop


A workshop was conducted at Buththala (Moneragala district) to train youth as CSO (Civil Society Organization) leaders.

FISD-Be The Change youth workshop


Anuradhapura National youth council service center 2013/11/18

ADD – Henemulla Women’s Programme


A programme on alcohol, tobacco and drug awareness specially targeting women was held at Henemulla on the 20th of November. The participants, all mothers of preschool students were made aware on the ways in which children get influenced by those who promote these harmful substances and on the ways in which they, as women, and mothers could protect their children.

CR – Samurdhi Programme

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The FISD team conducted a lecture on “How to Activate Child Clubs and Involve Children in Community Development” for approximately 90 Samurdhi Officers and Bank Managers and child club animators in the Galle district. The programme, organized by the Samurdhi Office of Galle, took place on the 5th of November 2013.


80 CSO Leaders Training Programme


A special training programme on leading and managing village level Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) was organized by FISD and conducted at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on the 27th and 28th of May. About 80 leaders from the FISD Civil Society organizations in all of FISD’s programme locations in several parts of the country attended the programme.